What We Do

consulting firmsYour business is your livelihood. If you don’t do the work, you don’t eat. If your business doesn’t have a solid foundation, it won’t grow. If you don’t have market differentiation, you will become victim to the lowest price.

We get it. With our experience in business management and business consulting, we understand that you have to make your resources stretch as far as possible.

To help you set and meet your company goals, we offer three different services for small businesses: advisory, management consulting and operations management services. Our goal is to develop and implement solutions to help you grow an extraordinary company.

Advisory Services

Sometimes things don’t go according to plans, or things just happen. Or, you just want someone with an unbiased opinion to help you with a solution. Getting another opinion, objective advice, or just having someone to hold you accountable can be just what is needed to allow you to overcome obstacles as you pursue your company goals.

As a business leader, you need to move quickly and adapt to changes in the marketplace. We will provide you with the emergency, regular or ongoing support that you need to grow your business.


Are you ready to move your company beyond its current place? Let us be your partners to make it happen.

Sometimes you simply need someone to help you figure out what is keeping your company from growing. Management consulting means that your company will work with experienced professionals to help you identify and then implement strategies for growth. Maybe we will find opportunities for growth that your company can leverage to achieve this goal.

We can help you recognize and avoid costly mistakes that may impair your company’s ability to grow and achieve its potential.

We bring experience with small companies that will provide you with the techniques and tools that have been used to make other companies successful. We bring innovation and real world experience, which will enable your company to reach its potential.

Operations Management

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Focus on your business and leave the rest to us.

We give you the ability to have an outsourced management team to take care of things that aren’t directly related to delivering products and making sure that your company is moving forward.

Product (service) management, business development – including sales and marketing, finance, profit enhancement are all part of the expertise that we offer. You are free to focus on doing what you do best.

Maybe a new product could be added to your current product lineup that could increase your bottom line by 20%. Or maybe a new approach to marketing and sales could be the thing that is missing and preventing your company from reaching its growth potential.

Contact us at Net Profit to find the solution that you have been looking for, 330-620-2761.