Let Us Be Your Accounting Department


So you have taken the plunge and established your own company, hired a professional to create your brand, rented an office and hired your team. But to save costs you are doing your own accounting to save money.

As the months go by, your business is requiring more of your time and yet you are stuck at your desk on evenings and weekends working on your accounting. The driver of your business, YOU, is now playing the role of an accountant. Your time which can be used to generate sales, motivate staff and inspire new customers is consumed with spreadsheets and data entry.

Sound familiar? Many new businesses see the accounting function as an unneccesary expense within the business. Its only a couple of spreadsheets right?

Wrong. Managing your accounting and cash flows are crucial to your company’s success in the start up years. Knowing where every cent is going, managing cash flows, calculating risk, planning for growth and delivering your product on time at the right price are the areas that if managed well, can ensure you have the greatest chance of success.

Taking on this function on your own may seem like a great idea as you will certainly know where the money is going but what about driving your company sales, networking and generating business relationships. The business owner is generally the number one driver of the business and its sales team. But to perform that role properly requires your full time and attention.

Net Profit, Inc. has developed an accounting system for you which enables you to focus on your business while we focus on your numbers. Our system is so easy to work with that you will wonder why you didnt work this way from day one.

Net Profit, Inc. will establish a cloud accounting system for you. We give you access and log in details to view your accounts any time. Your role is easy. Simply scan your sales and purchase receipts into our cloud and our qualified accountants will prepare your daily sales ledgers, P&L accounts, Cash flows and sales reports. We establish the desired reports that you need, and  then we deliver them to you on time evey time.

How much does Net Profit, Inc. charge for our Cloud Accounting?

Net Profit, Inc. will evaluate your goals and establish a pricing structure to suit business and allow you to grow. Our objective is to ensure your financial stability and be with you as a long term accounting partner.

The benefit of using Net Profit, Inc. as your accounting department, includes no hiring fee, no payroll tax costs, no holiday pay, no sick days, as a matter of fact, no paid benefits of any kind. You simply pay us for the work completed. This allows businesses to grow with a low cost accounting solution and work without the headaches associated with managing the company accounts.

To discuss your accounting requirements, contact us at 330-620-2761 or visit our website www.netprofitinc.org.

Profit And Cash Flow Improvement

Cost Management is normally defined as slashing budgets and/or doing less. But, we see it differently. It’s actually about spending less, while shifting your focus

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Cost Management and Reduction

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Business Owners 2014 Survey/Net Profit, Inc.

IMG_1086 The survey says:

  • 1 out of 5 business owners don’t know how their sales growth or net profit compares to competitors
  • 35% of business owners don’t believe their marketing effectively supports their sales efforts
  • 35% of business owners have no plan for how to exit their business

The statements above were derived from a survey taken by small business owners in 2014. They are not surprising facts, but more importantly is the question, how do they fix the survey outcomes?

If you are a business owner and any or all of the statements apply to you and/or your business, contact us today and we will solve, answer and implement the solutions to the above statements or any other questions or concerns that you may have.

Net Profit, Inc. is a full service management/strategic consulting firm. We don’t just solve problems, we implement solutions to make managing your business more enjoyable.

Our initial one-hour consultation is free of charge, so what do you have to lose? Contact us at www.netprofitinc.org, netprofit25@gmail.com or 330-620-2761.


Non-Profit Business Basics

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Measuring Employee Performance

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Why hire Net Profit, Inc.?

We offer thirty years of experience in several industries such as; wholesale and retail, automotive, manufacturing and non profit. We have served in various roles in these industries, such as, Controller, CFO, CEO, President, as well as serving on boards of directors as President, Treasurer, and Vice President. [Read more…]

Net Profit, Inc./ Management Consulting Experts

We design and implement programs to help Executives run their business more effectively and profitably. [Read more…]

Why is it a good idea for the business owner to open and review the mail?

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