Define A Winning Culture

Companies that are struggling usually have an ill-defined culture or no defined culture at all. At the heart of a company’s culture are the core values that a company embraces. These core values define the principles that the company believes in. They define what the company and its management team are about. The company should communicate to its employees what they are and the company’s commitment to them. 

The best method  that we have found to test the perception of the company culture, is to ask your sales team to describe it. If the answers vary or they tend to not be forthcoming with their response, then that is one reason for a company underperforming. The sales team should have a culture that is unified and one that will contribute to the success of the company. Especially when a company is underperforming, is the need for a unified culture become even more important.

Core values should define the culture of a company. Companies that do not have them or are following an ill-defined culture tend to struggle and underperform as a result. Companies that have sales teams that embrace the company vision are the companies that become market leaders.

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