We Welcome Business Challenges

Cash flow, working capital, profitability, sales and marketing are always more difficult to manage in a weak economy.

fotolia_73268111We can help you put an end to careless spending, slow or declining sales, and operational inefficiency. We believe that a firm foundation, which starts with a system of controls and procedures, is the way to build a company for long-term success.

We work side by side with business owners to not only develop strategy to correct problems, but we also implement that strategy. Ideas without implementation, are simply that, ideas.

Our team has faced challenges such as: turning around non-profit organizations, working with companies going into, avoiding or coming out of bankruptcy, obtaining new financing for plant expansion, finding new lending institutions, relocating businesses and setting up manufacturing contracts in several countries.

We’re not afraid of challenges, in fact, we welcome them. From business basics to high-level strategy, we help you to develop and strengthen the foundation on which your company can grow and reach its potential.

Our team is ready to roll-up their sleeves and work side by side with you to make the changes necessary to meet your company goals, to implement our recommendations, and to become valued members of your team.

We focus on what we are good at, we don’t try to be all things to all people.

The services we provide focus on these areas:

  • Profit and Cash Flow Improvement
  • Strategic and Operational Improvement
  • Sales/Revenue Improvement
  • Non-Profit¬†Management¬†Services

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