Our Values

We are an independent management consulting firm. We are not a provider of outsourced services, software or hardware technology. Nor are we a public accounting firm. Since we are an independent advisory company, we are unbiased and focused on our clients.

file2461263253373We work closely with clients. We want to become part of your management team, while providing value added services to our clients.

We focus on trust and respect. We strive to build trusting and respectful relationships with all of our clients. That is the basis upon which our firm was founded.

We believe in a teamwork approach. We believe that creating and building an accountable team inside each organization creates an atmosphere in which all people are held responsible and accountable by each other, which provides a motivated and successful organization.

We believe in effective communication. To effectively manage an organization requires the clear communication of the goals and mission of the organization.

We believe in accountability. The ability to measure the performance of employees is critical to the success of an organization.

We believe in relationships. Relationships are at the core of any advancing business. We build all of our relationships on trust and honesty, so that all of our clients rely on us as partners and advisors.

We Think Then We Do. We constantly see strategies that are wasted as a result of not implementing them. We want to change that, we help our clients create new ways to think about their business. But we don’t stop there, we see projects through and help implement our solutions. We create value for our clients.

At Net Profit we’re different from other management consulting firms, we create value for all of our clients. Contact us today at 330-620-2761 and let us solve your business problems.