Management by walking around, (MBWA).

MBWA, is a term from the 1980’s best selling business book, In Search of Excellence by Tom Peters. It was a groundbreaking book in business management, and I became an advocate and believer in this theory. I have used it with success in each management position that I have held. And I have incorporated it into my consulting business, advising small and medium sized business owners.

The theory is just what the title states, you become a more effective manager by walking, observing and speaking with your employees as you walk through your office, plant or facility. By becoming an engaged manger you are able to spot operating inefficiencies, and your employees will begin to share their thoughts or suggestions when they see that you are engaged and interested in them as both an employee and as a person.

When you think about this practice, it makes a lot of sense. How can you effectively manage or make corrections if you are in your office staring at a computer screen? At first, employees make think that you are spying on them or that there is a problem. However, this will go away once they find out that you are genuine in your new approach to management.

Once you have become a fixture amongst the employees, you will begin to build a rapport with them that will dovetail into creating a team environment. Once a team environment is created, amazing things will begin to occur. You will find that employees are happier, invested, and valuable team members. If you find yourself or your business going through difficult times, your employees will step up and go to the wall for you and the company.

Human beings for the most part need a sense of belonging and feeling needed. Most people define themselves by their career, so by incorporating this management technique into your daily routine, it will pay dividends that a pay increase will not. You will also find that your employees will begin to become accountable not only to you, but they will hold their fellow employees accountable as well. This will weed out any employees who are not on the team bandwagon.

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