Business Owners 2014 Survey/Net Profit, Inc.

IMG_1086 The survey says:

  • 1 out of 5 business owners don’t know how their sales growth or net profit compares to competitors
  • 35% of business owners don’t believe their marketing effectively supports their sales efforts
  • 35% of business owners have no plan for how to exit their business

The statements above were derived from a survey taken by small business owners in 2014. They are not surprising facts, but more importantly is the question, how do they fix the survey outcomes?

If you are a business owner and any or all of the statements apply to you and/or your business, contact us today and we will solve, answer and implement the solutions to the above statements or any other questions or concerns that you may have.

Net Profit, Inc. is a full service management/strategic consulting firm. We don’t just solve problems, we implement solutions to make managing your business more enjoyable.

Our initial one-hour consultation is free of charge, so what do you have to lose? Contact us at, or 330-620-2761.


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