Non Profit Management Leadership Skills

If you are the leader of a non profit organization, you are running a unique business. It takes a different set of skills to manage your non profit business versus running a for profit entity. The key to running a successful non profit organization, is the board of directors who you report to. If you have a board that is micromanaging, not assisting with raising revenue, then you have the odds stacked against you. You will eventually work yourself into job burnout and you become the fall guy for the business not being successful.

Before accepting the position of CEO or President of a non profit organization, the first order of business is find out who serves on the board, how long they have been there, and what is their role within the organization. If the board is hands off when it comes to the day to day business and serves as your business advisors, you will have an excellent chance of being successful.

In closing, spend the time researching the organization and talk to as many board members as possible prior to accepting the job. By spending time going through this process, you will save yourself stress, headaches, and you will start out with a good team in place that will help you become a successful non profit leader.

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