What Others are Saying About Us

We consider ourselves blessed to have worked with many fine companies and organizations over the years. We helped many grow; we helped turn others around. We often form a bond of friendship and mutual respect that lasts long beyond the length of the consulting contract. Here are just a few of our recommendations from clients that we have worked with over the years.     

  • “Jim Huntsman is a very organized and detail-oriented individual. He has excellent accounting, human resources and management skills. I served on the Board of the International Soap Box Derby where Jim was employed as the CEO. The organization’s survival through many lean years was due solely to Jim’s abilities. I have always thoroughly enjoyed working with him and was always confident that, no matter how tough things became, Jim was able to get the job done in a skillful manner. I highly recommend Jim Huntsman.”

          —Cinda Jenney, Executive Assistant, NEOUOM

  • “Jim and his team provided great leadership for the International Soap Box Derby during challenging times. Jim demonstrated a sound and strategic ability to solve complex problems and manage expenses while continuing an effort to grow and diversify revenue streams, which was instrumental to the success of the organization. Jim is of the highest integrity and ability, and I would be happy to recommend him for any of his future endeavors.”

          —Nick Buzzelli, Vice President, Commercial Banking, Huntington Bank

  • “Jim is a talented manager who understands operations, finance, sales and marketing. He is adept at pulling together creative solutions to complex problems and helping businesses grow. He has years of experience across a broad range of industries. Jim truly is an excellent corporate problem solver and business growth strategist. I recommend him with complete confidence.”

          —John Murphy, President, The Murphy Agency, Inc. 

  • “Jim is a unique man of high integrity. I served with Jim for over ten years at the Soap Box Derby, when he was a fellow board member and later when he was its President. Jim impressed me with his ability to perform multiple tasks such as managing Derby operations and being the chief marketer and money raiser for the organization. Over the last couple of years, Jim was instrumental in raising money to keep the organization afloat while it looked for a national sponsor.

         —Paul Kelly, Sr. Vice President and Commercial Banker, FirstMerit Bank

  •  “Jim exhibits what I call, a quiet intelligence. He came into our company, and listened to me tell him what was wrong with our company, and did not say a word until I was finished talking. Then he spoke and said, “while your problem seems like a serious issue to you, it boils down to this simple fact, you do not have a mission for your company, and if you do not have one, then how do you expect the employees to understand what they are here for, outside of collecting a paycheck.” ” We immediately began working on a mission statement and then he helped me communicate it to the employees.” After that happened, we then reviewed the operations and implemented systems and procedures which helped improve our bottom line by five percent. I highly recommend Jim and his company.”

         –John Howington, CEO, Ingenium Packaging, LLC

  • “I called Jim when we decided to change controllers. Jim and his team came in without any automotive dealership knowledge or experience, and within a short time period, in dealership terms, picked up the basics of running the dealership from sales to the back departments. Jim and his team became our accounting department and held things together until we were able to hire full-time replacements. It is very uncommon for anyone to grasp all of the nuances of an automobile dealership, in a short time frame, but Jim was unique in his ability to do so. I would not hesitate to hire Jim and/or his company.”

         –Jim Bannano, Owner, Jim Bananno Chevrolet and Jim Bananno Ford

  • “Jim  and his team took the organization from an $800,000 operating loss, to a $300,000 operating profit over the last year. This is the classic turnaround by a hardworking, dedicated and intelligent man.”

         -Jack Engelke, Owner, Hinden, Owen and Engelke

  • “Jim and his team have the ability to come into your business, analyze both operations and financial information,make the appropriate recommendations to increase profit and grow revenue. Additionally, their recommendations resulted in a complete turnaround in our business. Gross profit increased ten percent based upon a few changes in our operations. I highly recommend Jim and his company”

         -Mike Cistone, COO, Second Story Concepts

  • “Jim is a one of a kind person, he is a man of high integrity. He works hard for the cause and I came to rely on his business advice many times. He knows business and people. He took a mom and pop business environment and turned it into a professional organization. He performed what I call miracles with little cash to work with and many other obstacles that were put in his way. He saved our organization with his creative financial mind and his creative spirit. I cannot say enough good things about a one of a kind man.”

         -Anthony DeLuca, Executive Director, International Soap Box Derby

  • “We used Jim and his firm to facilitate our move from Kent, Ohio to Akron, Ohio. Jim used his connections to streamline the process and he gave us great business advice regarding setting up our move to insure that our down time was as economical as possible. We are going to use Jim and his team to handle our SBA loan as well. Jim has a very diverse business background which is beneficial and we will be using his services in the future.”

         –Hal Joslin, President, Associated Associates

  • “Mr. Huntsman is a dynamic leader who can deal with highly technical and large-scaled projects an efficient and cost-effective manner. He balances business needs while utilizing the strengths of his people systems.”

         -Steven Farris, Education Management Consultant and Contractor

-Frank Caetta, Owner, The Office Bistro